Installationskabel 3*1,5 EXQ 50meter

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Product information
The cable is intended for fixed installation on a ladder, directly in a wall, or under plaster and in a pipe or duct. May be placed indoors and outdoors,
but not in ground or water. The cable is UV protected. EXQ Easy is a halogen-free, PEX-insulated and HFFR-sheathed installation cable with
round solid copper conductors. The cable is designed according to SS 424 02 19-5 in applicable parts. The conductor has a number of wires and resistance according to
IEC 60228 class 1. The parts are color-coded according to SS 424 17 20. Over the parts a lengthwise low-friction paper strip. The mantle is marked
type/manufacturer/year+month/metre marking.The cable meets fire propagation class D. UV-protected according to HD626 S1 part 2.5.1. The conductor insulation
must be protected against direct UV light that can arise, for example, in lighting fixtures and illuminated signs. The cable is approved by SEMKO.
Lifemark recycling marking. Permanent marking on the outer sheath of the cable. The marking specifies the plastic qualities involved and prepares for
future recycling of the cable.

Brand: Nexans Package sizes: 100/600/3600 Cable
type: EXQ Easy Dimension conductor x area: 3G1.5 mm²
Outer diameter approx.: 8.1 mm Color of outer jacket: White
Weight/100 m: 9.3 kg Rated voltage U: 500 V
Rated voltage U0: 300 V Fire spread and heat development (EN 13501-6): Dca Halogen-
free (EN 60754-1/2): Yes Reinforcement/reinforcement: None
Shielding: No Conductor: No
Permissible ambient temperature during operation without vibrations: -40-
70 °C
Insulation preservation: No
Conductor category: Class 1 = single-
wire Conductor material: Copper Outer sheath material: Polyolefin Part
marking: Color Smoke-free (EN 61034-2): Yes
Protective conductor: Yes Wire insulation: Other
Max. permissible conductor temperature: 70 °C Cold resistant (according to EN 60811-504+505+506): Yes
Conductor surface: Glossy Acid content (EN 13501-6): a2
Burning droplets/particles (EN 13501-6): d2 Smoke generation (EN 13501- 6): s2
Installation cable EXQ Easy 300/500V Dca, Nexans
EXQ EASY 3G1.5 300/500V R100 (*2)